Up in Smoke: Black Carbon’s Role in Climate Change

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The most significant anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) is carbon dioxide, CO2. Comprehensive reductions in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 (expressed as “parts per million or ppm) are the only way to bring down global [...]

Himalayan Nations Meet to Confront Climate Change

Last month, South Asia nations met to discuss how to prevent and respond to climate change in the Himalaya. The conference, called “Kathmandu to Copenhagen: A Vision For Addressing Climate Change Risks and Vulnerabilities in the Himalayas,” brought together representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Representatives from China [...]

Arctic Shortcut a Reality and Likely to Speed Warming and Melting

As the New York Times reported yesterday, two German ships accompanied by Russian icebreakers are poised to complete the first commercial transit from Asia to the West. This is welcome news for shipping companies, who are looking to save fuel and time between Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, this shortcut is likely to accelerate warming and [...]

Science-Book Challenge 2009 – Scienticity

I love science. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the world around me. Biology was an early passion, followed by marine science, geology and just about everything else. Lucky for me, no one told me that science was hard, boring, confusing, icky or something that girls just didn’t do. Even luckier [...]

Climate Change Impacts Oceans and Marine Life

Oceans cover 71% of the planet’s surface. They make up about 300 times more habitat (by volume) contribute 46% of global primary production and house far more biodiversity and biomass than terrestrial habitats. The oceans are also huge reservoirs for nutrients and gases, including CO2, and ocean currents redistribute heat around the planet, impacting atmospheric [...]