Past Proof That Cooler Temperatures Prevail When Volcanoes Erupt

Climate skeptics are fond of pointing to volcanoes when disputing the facts of global warming, citing these natural events as major agents in climate change. They’re right – volcanoes do play a major role in the climate, but not the way they think: the net effect of volcanic eruptions is to cool the planet. Volcanoes [...]

Fishing For Answers: Connecting Ocean and Human Health

Walking home from an early appointment this morning, I considered what to write about for today’s blog post. An article about marine ecosystems and fisheries caught my eye yesterday. While intrigued, I was also reluctant – fisheries management is one subject that both interests and frustrates the hell out of me. I took one class [...]

Project Surya Aims to Clear the Air and Reduce Global Warming

Welcome to Blog Action Day 2009! Starting early this morning in the Far East until late tonight in the Pacific Islands, more than 8,700 bloggers from 148 countries are stimulating a global conversation about many aspects of climate change. For me, the choice was easy – I write about science, so of course I’ll blog [...]

Thursday 10/15 is Blog Action Day ~ 6,000 Bloggers Writing About Climate!

Hi, welcome back.  I know I said I would be updating this page on Tuesdays, (and I will return to that schedule next week,) but this week is a bit special. Thursday, October 15, 2009 will the be the 3rd annual Blog Action Day and the topic is climate. Almost 6,000 bloggers will be writing [...]

India is Vulnerable and Acting to Address Climate Change

“India is vulnerable,” said Jairem Ramesh, India’s Minister for Environment and Forests at a breakfast meeting in Washington, DC last week. “We are responding to climate change because it is in our own self-interest.” While the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sheds members over its reactionary position on climate change, the US-India Business Council (USIBC), headquartered [...]