Project Surya Aims to Clear the Air and Reduce Global Warming

Welcome to Blog Action Day 2009! Starting early this morning in the Far East until late tonight in the Pacific Islands, more than 8,700 bloggers from 148 countries are stimulating a global conversation about many aspects of climate change. For me, the choice was easy – I write about science, so of course I’ll blog [...]

India is Vulnerable and Acting to Address Climate Change

“India is vulnerable,” said Jairem Ramesh, India’s Minister for Environment and Forests at a breakfast meeting in Washington, DC last week. “We are responding to climate change because it is in our own self-interest.” While the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sheds members over its reactionary position on climate change, the US-India Business Council (USIBC), headquartered [...]

Himalayan Nations Meet to Confront Climate Change

Last month, South Asia nations met to discuss how to prevent and respond to climate change in the Himalaya. The conference, called “Kathmandu to Copenhagen: A Vision For Addressing Climate Change Risks and Vulnerabilities in the Himalayas,” brought together representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Representatives from China [...]

He’s Been to the Mountaintop – and it’s Melting

Paleoclimatologist Lonnie Thompson has spent more time above 20,000 feet than anyone else. In the 1970’s, he was the first scientist to retrieve ice sample from a remote tropical ice cap and analyze them for ancient climate signals. Until then, scientists had only studied polar ice cores. But “polar glaciers only cover 10% of the [...]

The Northwest Passage: a Shortcut to Greater Arctic Warming

The thermometer will hit upper nineties again today in Washington, DC., but it’s been a pretty mild summer until now – in fact, July was slightly cooler than average. That wasn’t the case up north, way up north, in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. In this seaside town 1,500 miles north of Seattle and well within [...]

Relations between India and China: Thawing over melting Himalayas?

Last weekend, India’s Environment Minister Jairem Ramesh announced that academic researchers in India and China would share information as part of a cooperative scientific investigation into the health of the Himalayan glaciers, called the Water Towers of Asia. He added that New Delhi was open to a dialog with Beijing over water resources, saying that [...]

A Talk About Black Carbon by Dr. V. Ramanathan

Today, I attended an excellent talk by Dr. V. Ramanathan at the World Bank in Washington, DC.  Dr. Ramanathan, of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, is the leading expert on the effects of non-CO2 greenhouse gases on climate change.  In the past decade, Dr. Ramanathan has turned his [...]